In January Paul and I visited my old Heimat Hamburg and met a lot of old friends and clients. So we stopped also at Zsolts and Nikos studio to have a peek what and how they were doing.
Zsolt Szeibert and Nikolaus Türk own on3studio. They are creating architectural illustrations and despite the use of rendering-software those illustrations aren’t yet some other renderings but artwork, at least as far as their clients let them go with their artistry.
Of course there are models to be mentioned, not the least auralab, however Zsolt and Niko are creating some style unprecedent in German architectural illustration. Interestingly Zsolt told me, that he is completely fed up with all this possibilities of the rendering software (in their case Cinema4D with VRay). He prefers a quick’n’dirty approach, using very rough renderings and doing all the fine work in Photoshop.